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Keon Wook Kang, M.D.


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TEL : (02) 2072-2803



Date of Birth                  December 5, 1966
Nationality                      Republic of Korea
Address                         Department of Nuclear Medicine,

                                        Seoul National University College of Medicine
                                        28 Yeongon Jongno, Seoul 110-744, KOREA
Phone                             82-2-2072-2803
Fax                                  82-2-745-7690



Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging and Therapy




Seoul National University,Seoul,Korea
M.D. Seoul National University College
of Medicine


Master of Medical Science
GraduateSchool of University, Seoul National University


PhD of Medical Science
GraduateSchool ofUniversity,Seoul National University




Internship,Seoul National University Hospital


Residency, Department of Internal Medicine,Seoul National University Hospital


Public Health Service,Chungbuk Province


Project for establishingNational Cancer Center, Ministry of Health & Welfare


Fellowship, Department of Nuclear Medicine,Seoul National University Hospital


Chief, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Hospital,National Cancer Center


Team Leader, Information Technology Team,National Cancer Center


Chief, Nuclear Medicine Branch, Research Institute,National Cancer Center


Chief, Cancer Information Branch,National Cancer Center


Visiting Scientist, Molecular Imaging Program atStanford University


Assistant Secretary for Innovative Administration,National Cancer Center


Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine,
Seoul National University College of Medicine


Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine,
Seoul National University College of Medicine



1998.11                             Handling of Radiation Accidents by Emergency Personnel, REAC/TS,Oak Ridge,TN,USA

2000.2                               IAEA Regional Training Workshop on Scintimammography, Sentinel Lymph Node Detection and Intraoperative Surgical Probe Technology in the Management of Breast Cancer,Jakarta,Indonesia



1996-                                Member, the Korean Association of Internal Medicine 

1997-                                Board Member, the Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine

2000-                                Member, the Society of Nuclear Medicine

2001-                                Member, the Korean Society of Medical Informatics

2002-2004                         Member, the American Medical Informatics Association

2002-                                Member, the Academy of Molecular Imaging

2002-                                Board Member, the Korean Society of Molecular Imaging

2002-                                Member, the Korean PET Association

2003-                                Member, the Korean Cancer Association

2003-                                Member, the Society for Molecular Imaging

2005-                                Member, the European Association of Nuclear Medicine

2005-2006                         Oncology PET Track Coordinator, 9th World Congress of Nuclear Medicine and Biology

2006-2007                         Secretary General, Organizing Committee, Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine



1995.10                           The Japan Society of Nuclear Medicine,

                                       Distinguished Young Investigator's Award from Asia andOceania ‘Stress/Rest Tc-99m MIBI SPECT in Comparison with Rest/Stress Rb-82 PET’

1999.11                            The Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine,

The Best Poster Award ‘Nuclear Medicine PACS: Conversion of Interfile into DICOM’

2000.6                             The Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Travel Award, ‘Quantification of 18F-FDG PET Images Using Probabilistic Brain Atlas: Clinical Application in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Patients’

2001.6                             The Department of Health & Welfare Secretary’s Award, ‘Distinguished work for establishment ofNational Cancer Center

2002.4                             The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies Award. ‘Quantification of F-18 FDG PET images in temporal lobe epilepsy patients using probabilistic brain atlas’

2006.10                            Inclusion in Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2006-2007



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Kang KW, Lee JS, Lee DS, Lee MC. Chapter 22: Partial Volume Correction of Simulated PET and 18F FDG PET from 14 Normal Brains In: Senda M, Kimura Y, Herscovitch P, eds. Brain Imaging Using PET San Diego: Academic Press, 2002 pp153-7.